Saturday, December 3, 2011

The power of Facebook and Twitter!

I must tell you this story. When Twitter started, with a basic design and just the little bird, someone sent me an invite and I signed up. Of course, I thought it was just one of those new fad going nowhere so I did not follow up.
Amazingly, in months I realized that it was becoming the new fad, so I tried to get back to log in. Guess what? I could not remember my password and could not find it written down any where so I had to request a new one. Since then I grew from a meager maybe 10 or so followers to currently over 1300.

What is my point? Along with Facebook, which I also joined in its infancy, these are the the two most formidable sources of socializing online with the capacity to make friends who can later become customers for your online offers.
Much has been written about using these two social media and there is a plethora of tools being sold on how to utilize them for profit. By all means, as a newcomer, you may want to purchase some of these tools, but be reminded also that there is a host of free information available. Search for them and use them wisely. If you haven't joined either of these sites as yet, go do so now!

Finally, do not start socializing on these sites and immediately bombard your followers or friends with links for them to buy something; this will automatically happen in the exchanges as you socialize. Of, course when you join or if you are already a member please follow me on Twitter and connect with me on Facebook.
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