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How to Select a Domain Name

What's in a domain name? Well, everything. It is the guide to your website and the major constituent of your URL- Uniform Resource Locator. That is www.yourdomainname.com. A domain name is like a photograph. That is how people find you. So, how should you select a "good" domain name? I will outline five important points to consider in your selection. They are: Length, Appearance, Accessibility, Relevance and Appeal.
Length is of vital importance in selecting a domain name. Very long winding names are difficult to remember and unattractive to those who view them. For example, if your site deals with dog food products, you would not want to have a domain name like: Mr Brown's best dog food site for all those who are tired of poor dog food.com. You would like instead to include something unique about your site, but short and to the point. for example, Thebestdogfood.com, or Justplaindogfood.com, or getbestdogfood.com. Length is important also because if someone needs to place your link in their browser, they do not want to be typing all this long winded information.

The Spiderman Effect- A 'Webfull' of Treats For Newbies

Have you ever wondered why kids love Spiderman so much? I suppose because he has that innocent childlike look, and, selflessly helps others for free. You know, kids just love a treat!
I am referring, of course, to the recent wave of Internet marketing offers to the so-called "Newbies" Did you know that approximately two thousand people come to the internet each week, seeking to create wealth? This is about two hundred and eighty six persons per week and a hundred and four persons per year. A large percentage of these are not only new to the internet but many of them come with limited technical knowledge about Internet Marketing. The glaring truth is that, until recently, only about five percent of these people succeed. It is to these people that most of the early Internet Marketers appealed with their products and have now become the Gurus.
The recent trend, however, is that a very large number of programs and tools are being geared towards a more 'leading by the hand approach' to newcomers, rather than the old exploitative approach. Some of these programs and tools have come about as a result of individuals who were 'ripped off' in their early beginnings and are seeking to be more helpful to those who are in the position they used to be. Others have come about as a result of the Gurus being forced to be more helpful, simply because of the rapidly increasing changes and discoveries in the area of such tools and programs, making some of their earlier offers almost obsolete.
So, let us examine some of these trends as they relate to the newcomers.
A search of the Yahoo and Google search engines was done using two search titles. Here are the results: For the title newcomers to internet marketing Yahoo shows 5,690,000 listings and Google shows 190,000 listings. For the title internet marketing for newbies Yahoo shows 14,000,000,listings while Google shows 604,000 listings. In this mix a fairly significant number cater to free programs and tools.
So then, what are some of the better solutions to the basic newbie problems of; little technical knowledge, limited cash , no website, no idea about traffic generation, no product?
There are host of website building tools on the internet,but for a new non-technical person I would recommend Bluevoda in which any newcomer can create a website-and it's free! You can also host with them at their Vodahost for as little as $7.95 per month. And while you do that if you have no product grab their affiliate offer.. For other interesting affiliate offers visit Russell Bronson's (thesecondtier.com/affiliateevolution) However,if you would like to get a site for free in order to experiment before you launch out try www.blogger.com)
These should get you started along with this:

That's it,then, so much for your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Now, go spin yourself some web!

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How to choose an Internet Marketing niche and quickly dominate it

In a recent interview with Tellman Knudson for the List Crusade program, Shawn Casey revealed how to choose an Internet Marketing niche and crush your competition.
(Note: To access Shawn Casey’s complete audio interview for free, see end of article)
Shawn’s background as an attorney, author, publisher, company owner, corporate executive, public speaker, and teacher makes him uniquely qualified to show you how to be a success in Internet Marketing. Shawn is recognized one of the leading financial experts in the world. He is credited with making and saving thousands of people millions of dollars because of the valuable information he provides.
Listen closely to what Shawn has to say:
“Let’s say you know something about rose gardening. You love rose gardening. You’re probably an expert at it, even though you don’t realize it, because this is your passion.
Your marketplace would be other people that are interested in rose gardening. You can create a report, audio, video… something that is valuable information about rose gardening… maybe how to prune them…how to do something. I don’t know much about rose gardening, so I don’t specifically know what that would be.
Then you go find the people who have traffic with people coming in looking to buy roses, information about how to care for their roses, what roses to plant, where to plant them, how to trim them, how to cut them, and all that cool stuff that people do.
You then go to those people who are driving in traffic and acquiring subscribers. You say to them, ‘Listen, I’ve got this information that is of value to your visitors. So when you offer it to them, Mr. Rose Grower, you’re going to be a good guy. You’re giving them free information that they’d otherwise have to go down to the garden store or Home Depot and give money for. You’re giving it away free. That’s going to help you out and help your creditability, make your customers like you better, make you seem like a nice guy, and help you build your list.’
In turn, you get a little good will, good karma, some subscribers, and potentially customers. Obviously, you don’t need to tell them this. This is just something for them to figure out. They’re distributing your product that leads them back to your website so that they might buy from you. This doesn’t hurt them at all because you’re not competing with them directly.
Using this method, we piggyback on that related market because we provide the information, while they provide the product.”
In the List Crusade interview, Shawn also revealed:
How to ethically cheat building your list fast and cheap by leveraging your resources
Two steps to quickly become the acknowledged expert in any niche
Is banner advertising dead?
Get paid to build your list for free
What is the one secret way to test your website for less than $30?
As you read Shawn’s secrets of how to quickly achieve success in any niche, you begin to realize the tremendous potential and knowledge you already possess.  So the only question is, will you take the next step and take action today?
Author Bio
Rick Miller is a Certified Master of Web Copywriting and co-founder of List Crusade. We’ve arranged scholarships for 75 of our readers to get access to Shawn Casey’s entire interview, along with 51 other audio lessons from top Internet Marketing and Self Help Gurus, such as Jay Abraham, Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Mark Joyner, and Robert Allen–go to: www.ListCrusadeArticles.com/sya-casey.html
Article Source: http://www.ArticleGeek.com 

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