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Welcome to my Blog.  Some time ago I  entered the world of Internet marketing and had a very fiery baptism. I discovered that online marketing could wring your pocket dry if bought into all the whims and fancies advertised and promoted by some who claim to be Gurus.
I learned  all the lessons well enough to be able to start this blog with the intention of guiding newcomers to internet marketing along the way. I daresay that some  so-called established players might find something of interest.

So, who am I? Well, I am a trained teacher by profession, but one who has always had a passion for writing. It is therefore no wonder that I found blogs a welcome niche in my introduction to online marketing.

The purpose of this blog is to provided important and truthful information to those, who like I did, comes to  the internet with little or no knowledge but appreciate its potential for supplementing one's income, or even to bring one the financial independence we all crave for so much.

My intention is to supply these individuals with as many free and useful materials as I possibly can, as well as, to introduce them to some of the better materials being sold for website generation, traffic generation, product development and affiliate product maximization. I am no Guru, I must have tested and bought every single newbie product passed off by some marketers as 'The Thing.' It is sad that many internet marketers are only interested in selling their product at 'whatever cost'.

The most important thing in internet marketing is to make sure you Know before you Go. Take time and check out everything. And, if you are like me, use the search engines like Yahoo and Google to learn about just anything you want to learn about online. Good luck and happy hunting!

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