Monday, August 22, 2011

Videos, Scoops, Gurus and tricksters

In a recent ezinearticles.com post I commented on how the Internet was getting a new face with the advent of Video Marketing but warned against the use of this media to promote lies and trick helpless newcomers to Internet marketing. Well, I can always rely on my inbox to feed me with the latest hogwash.

So,what has been happening since my latest post? I have been given a daily dose of so-called: "watch this free video." Honestly, I am skeptical of anything that says free but for the most part, I do watch them through in order to assess the content. Apart from making a lot of claims about how they have stolen the Gurus secrets and how they have been lucky to be invited to exclusive Internet marketing millionaires meetings; they all end on the same note: The presenter has perfected a software that can make money like clockwork without product, website, CPA, PPC and the usual mix of Internet marketing SEO tactics. The presenter wants to get back at the Gurus for fleecing them out of their hard- earned dollars, so they are selling this software for a minimal charge of say 47 or 49 dollars.

This had me thinking that, if  I have discovered a software that can land millions of dollars in my Clickbank or Paypal account in days, and it works twenty four seven, then I am doing one of two things. I am either keeping it so tight against my chest that I can hardly breathe, or since there is no competition against me making big bucks, then I could give it away for free! I would have absolutely no need to be asking someone to listen to me expound the value of this software on twenty to thirty minutes of their precious time, then beg and beseech them in the end not to give up this opportunity for a measly 47 or 49 dollars. Frankly, I would not need anyone's 47 or 49 dollars.

Therefore, my honest conclusion must be that it is another in a set of desperate bid to nullify the effects that the Google Slap has placed on their capacity to full their pockets from unsuspecting prospects. Take heed, newcomers, if the Video sounds and looks too good to be true, it probably is not true. In a nutshell, filter everything that you are presented with the finest sieve possible, and even then, do not trust the filtrate!  For a product and a website that can really bulge your wallet check out this opportunity!

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