Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Power Of Fanbox

I was asked to join this little site Fanbox.com some years ago. I just cannot recall by whom now. At that time I was new to the Internet and found myself hooked by the prospect of earning money online. I read every possible piece of free advice (I couldn't find the cash then) that I could get my hands on and visited every website that offered information on the topic. I was even experimenting with a free website builder trying to promote Clickbank products. Nothing worked because I did not know enough about SEO, Traffic, HTML and so on.

However, soon after I started, the social media explosion occurred, with Facebook and Twitter taking the world by storm; so again I read everything about Social Media Marketing and Article marketing in generating traffic. I was even able to fund a basic website. Did I earn dollars? No! I did not give up my dream of earning online, however, and kept experimenting.

Having totally forgotten about Fanbox, someone invited me to some Beta Launch and I remember going on the site and doing some things. When I went on earlier I tried my best to invite friends and complete the tasks boxes that you were asked to complete. (don't remember how far I got)

One day in mid September or so, this email fell into my inbox showing me the earnings of someone I had asked to join the program from the early days. Totally overwhelmed I tried to log in and didn't even remember my password, so I had to reset.

What has happened since then is amazing! I completed my six tasks boxes and graduated I have purchased ads using the I'll Pay Later, (IPL) I have blogged, I have categorized and rated blog posts and I have created a product for sale and increased my fan base to over a hundred, all in a little over a month!

Every day I look out in my inbox for the good news; yesterday you earned so and so dollars from boosting, and rating blog posts and I am literally thrilled by these! So here is a site that not only let you blog on the topic of your choice, make friends, help others to succeed, create ads and products, but most importantly, let you earn READ DOLLARS! Please check out the video below; its worth your while.