Monday, June 18, 2012

Amazing amazon!

Some time ago I published an article on "The Internet marketing Shift" in which I basically tried to show how the impact of the Google Slap has led new ways of trying to create Internet marketing opportunities.I also warned against the validity of some of these new 'video' claims. How amazing is the power of the internet! Today, one can earn online with only the investment of their time and creativity.

With all the craze about Facebook and Twitter as front line social media marketers, an overlooked giant, in my estimation, is Amazon.com.  If you are new to the Internet and would like to earn online as an affiliate marketer or as a creator of your own product amazon is the way to go. While Click Bank is the biggest supplier of digital products, Amazon supplies everything from A to Z both digitally and in hard copy. The newest craze on Amazon, is the kindle, and, with this Amazon Kindle publication has become a new source for free and easy online marketing, and I use the words free and easy deliberately!

Did you know that you can self publish an e-book on Amazon Kindle absolutely free of cost and that you will be aided with promotion? All you have to do is join Amazon, format your e-book and upload it! And if, you would like to see your book in hard copy Amazon sub site createspace.com will also do it for you free!
In addition to all this Amazon offers affiliates their own e-store, which you can tweak to your satisfaction and select the Amazon products that you want to sell. But, it's not over yet, Amazon offers widgets tthat you can display on your personal website to capture affiliate sales. Amazing Amazon indeed!
So, let us assume that you want to make some money online but you do not have any cash to start. Here are two simple steps;
Join Amazon.com  become an affiliate and promote any of their products. Secondly, if you are creative, create an e-book and upload to Amazon kindle.  Internet marketing has never been easier! Get started now!

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