Saturday, June 25, 2011

Zeek Rewards Review

Recently I signed up for the free level of the Zeek Rewards Program and I was amazed at what is offered in this system. I would easily rate it the best free online earning opportunity I have come across and I have been messing around with online marketing for the past six years. I would not describe myself as a pro but I have tested and/or reviewed and studied myriads of offers containing diverse systems and programs.

Despite the claim of most of these programs that you can sign up for free, usually there is a catch and you are either offered a paid system through an advertisement after completing the sign up form or you have to do an upgrade to be able to access the true earning tools and offers available. In fact, most of these so called free offers are just aimed at capturing your email address for building a list. Believe me I have been there, done that.

So, what makes Zeek Rewards different? When you sign up for free you get three websites simultaneously. The Zeek Rewards site where you can place daily advertisement on free advertising sites for the company and share in their daily profit. You can also promote the Zeek Rewards opportunity and earn on members who sign up through you and earn cash.

 As a free member you are given 100 bonus points (not cash points) but allowed to see the same percentage increase daily on these points as you place your free ads for the company. When you reach 225 bonus points, the 125 points fall off and 100 is now placed in your compounding bucket. This means that you will now earn cash by continuing to place your daily ads You do not have to make up any ads. The company gives you the ads as wells the free sites to place them on in your Zeek Rewards back office, wonderful! all the work done for you! You can then use your cash to upgrade to silver, gold or diamond for better benefits. This is the only program that I have come across that gives you a totally free chance to make your way to an upgrade without spending a single dime!

Your second website is your Zeekler .com website, where you can also bid for items at significant discount prices by placing a penny per bid. And, guess what? the company actually emails you when there are special bid offers. This is available after you start earning cash as explained above. Great, isn't it? This is not an investment opportunity and you are not buying stocks or bonds, you are simple bidding for best prices on actual items, and believe me, they have everything from a pin to an anchor!

Your third website is your wholesale store where you can get extremely good discount at wholesale prices on thousands of items. you also earn on anything purchased through your wholesale store-magnificent!

Now, if you can find another online marketing free opportunity like this one, please let me know quickly. This is great for newcomers who do not have to waste their hard earned dollars on pay per click advertising or buy some of the junk that some so called Gurus pass off as good earning opportunities. The company advertises through its myriads of members who place free ads daily. (By the way you are only required to place one free ad per day before 9 p.m. Est.)  An act of five minutes or less! Talk about a true home based opportunity!

I know, I don't have to convince you, the opportunity sells itself so rush now and get your rewards  but before you do you may want to Subscribe to LeoKBlog by Email

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