Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Internet marketing shift

I’ll have to confess! I got somewhat fed up with all the online marketing hype and the Guru underhand tactics employed to fleece innocent newbies out of millions of dollars. I left the playing field for a while and pursued my day job with the same intensity as I was giving to internet marketing. And, has it paid off-no! So, I am back to discover that two things have forced a significant shift in the internet marketing world. I have always felt that the internet is cumulative, tentative and self-correcting, and so it is!

It is amazing how severe circumstances can force new situations. I went out on the verge of the “Google slap” and the eve of the recession. Both phenomena seem to have descended on us according to an ordered plan. Check this out-official start of the recession- December 2007, and, beginning of the “Google slap” 2008-coincidence or providence?

 So the Gurus and “Net cheats” found their cheeky little replicated websites falling to the dust. Hooray Google, time for a change! What a timely natural protection to the hard earned dollars of simple web folks like myself and other “Triers” and “Newcomers.”
Anyway, enough digression, I was talking about the internet marketing shift. So I returned to find my mailboxes and my social sites communications filled to the brim with new offers couched and packaged in a new way:
 Internet marketing shift number one: while former offers used to stress how to maximize your website through Pay per click, Google Adwords, Search engine organization, Article marketing, social media marketing and the regular run of the mill solution, they were now all asking me to make money without using any of these-what a turnaround! This is what you call forced innovation! I used to hate that entire web tweaking crap anyway. I always thought there were easier and better ways to maximize internet marketing and I still do. Now the Gurus are telling us to ignore everything that they usually chuck down our throats-what a laugh on them!
Internet marketing shift number two:  formerly the gurus would bore me to death with sales letter and testimonials so long that I would quickly scroll down to the bottom of the offer, check out the asking price and be on my merry way. I always thought only insane individuals would read through all that junk!  Tell me the truth about your product and I will prove it when I purchase. Come on this is the internet! Anyone can get any number of glowing testimonials, and with current day technology, anyone can display accounts with six figures or more! But I digress again. This time I was not only presented with web tweaking alternatives but I was looking at a presenter through video and therefore had a connection to a real person. Hooray to Video Marketing. Even if the hype and the slick sales talk remains, at least you see who is doing it-welcome change indeed, and at least I listen all the way.

The question is, however, how  have these two new innovations made the internet more tolerable to common web folk? I would say a lot. If you sift through the junk, you can , in fact find good offers presented through videos and suggesting useful alternatives to the old ‘web tweaking’ solutions. Now that you can look at a person, he or she cannot sell you junk and get away with it that easily. I still find some videos though, a little excessive in harping on how they have found the solution to making loads of money without SEO, PPC, Google Adwords, Social media marketing etc., and some a little too melodramatic.

 Let us keep it real friends, and offer true, valuable and cost efficient alternatives. Do remember, that this super highway will constantly correct itself. See you on the inside!

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