Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kindle Your Fire!

If you have not heard about Amazon kindle devices and kindle Direct Publishing, chances are you may have been hiding under a rock somewhere. Today I want to peak your interest by inviting you to the power of kindle.

So, do you have a passion? Something you are good at that could help others? If this is so then whatever that thing/passion is it is marketable and you should kindle your fire! Do you know how to do something special? Do have a message that can effect positive changes individually or collectively? If so, then these talents are marketable and you should kindle your fire!

But, on a more enquiring note; why should you even consider writing an ebook? 

Firstly, it is less work to create than a hard copy book and it is less expensive. It costs you absolutely nothing to upload a book to Kindle Direct Publishing.
Secondly, you can get the kind of exposure not gained so easily in regular book publishing. Your book is available to millions of Kindle readers immediately.
Let’s face it; your book can go viral! You can sell massive numbers of books within a short time period! After the initial work of writing and uploading, you can generate constant passive income!

Thirdly, to gain acceptance from a traditional publisher, or even a self help publisher, along with the requisite printing and marketing can take a considerable amount of time. When you publish on Kindle, your book takes forty eight hours to be approved. This is almost instant response and for free!

The fourth and one of the greatest advantages, is that Amazon handles the delivery of the ebook so that no one gets saddled with storage and distribution as in regular hard copy books.

A fifth advantage is that with Kindle you can also interact directly with your audience as you are given an author page and a review component on the Amazon Kindle sales page.

Finally, the Kindle ebook allows you to connect to other internet offers that you might have by inserting links in there as long as you are not connecting to another Kindle ebook. You can also connect to your blog, articles, newsletter or website.
These, my friend, are some of the numerous advantages of publishing on Kindle.
Do you have a story to tell, tips to give, a unique product, a coaching offer, a healing proposal, a counseling technique? Prepare to kindle your fire! 

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